Since 1993 we produce animation movies, feature, TV and web videos. In 2003 we started to produce films for the german Sesamestreet (Sesamstrasse). We did life action films, 2D & 3D & stopmotion animations and soundtracks.

2009 we started to create Book-Clips (Buchclip) for all of the big german publishers.

From 2014 to 2017 we created concepts & storyboards for explanatory videos for the german company SIMPLESHOW.

Now we produce our own explanatory videos for our customers ... starting with the concept to the final film with sounddesign and music.

With the scottish/german songwriter duo janeway we write songs in folk, country, rock & pop style.

You can also book our nice studio for your music productions.

Hope you find something, we can do for you.



This website is still under construction. It´s a little relaunch.

We will add new content on the fly.

Hope you´ll stay with us anyway ...